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Litter Robot III - Open Air $419 (reconditioed)
Litter Robot III - Open Air $419 (reconditioed)

LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!!! The new Open-Air Litter Robot!  (And so do my cats!)  The ladies took right to the new model, no adjustment needed.  I HIGHLY recommend this product.  The Litter Robot is a quality product built to last.  As a disabled person, this makes my life so much easier.  I just can't say enough good things about this litter machine. has a MUCH better price!  You can even get a reconditioned one that has a guaranty

Make your life a little easier.  This is the best automatic litter box on the market I have found (until the new model above came out).  Do yourself a favor and forget the rest.  Go right to Litter Robot!

As an asthma and allergy sufferer, a good solid clumping litter is a MUST!  Nothing clumps as well and Dr. Elsyes' Precious Cat litter.

Refined Feline has redefined how cat furniture looks.  I love that I can have a stylish cat tree in my lliving room that looks nice AND the cats like!   WIN!

My girls LOVE the Refined Feline at bed.  The girls wish I had more of them.  Evidently, sharing is out of the question.  :-/

While my living room has the Lotus cat tree from Refined Feline, my basement and kitten nursery have Armarkat cat trees.  They are very durable and the cats love them.  If you are going to purchase a tree online, buy a brand that is built to last.  You can't go wrong with an Armarkat.

Cats are "Den Creatures"  They love dark corners and this is just the ticket.  If you can't find your kitten, chances are they might be hiding in here.

Cats LOVE high places.  In fact, I sometimes wonder if they make a game of seeing how far they can travel without their paws touching the ground.  These shelves look lovely on the wall and your cats will appreciate them.

Cats have sensitive tummies, especially when under stress.  Help them with healthy bacteria in their systems w/ FortiFlora or Intelliflora.  Both great products that we use regularly.

It's a fact that cats are attracted to moving water.  Male cats particularly need as much water in their system to combat potential UTI or bladder infections.  

CATS ARE CARNIVORES!!!  No exception!!!!  Do your kitty a favor if you are not feeding raw, then buy the best all protein food you can find.  (Don't fall for the propaganda.  Your cat does not need veggies, rice or potatoes, that's just another filler to make the food stretch further.)

We feed raw.  We like raw.  We recommend raw.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Not everyone can or wants to do raw.  When we travel or (GASP) forgot to defrost the raw, we like Blue Wet.

The Kittes LOVE this tunnel!  You can't can't go wrong and can't keep them away from this.

You cat will LOVE this!  (Buy extra feathers!)
There is something about a dangly squiggly line that cats can't resist....

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS TOY!  Not only is it a toys the kids will love, but it also has a scratch pad in the center.  A must for any kitty home. (Go for the Star Gazer option w/ a twinkle light.  The kitties love it, and so do I. )

Don't forget the replacement pads!

Our cats prefer the light that blinks.  At 2:00am, I'm not so sure.  But it does make for some entertaining evenings.

I prefer the Tasin 108 (TS-108) for a single cat home.  This has the same engine (Iv'e been told)  If you are ready to invest in the best grinder that is quieter,just let me know and I will direct you.

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