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Our Beautiful Queens

All of our Siberian cats live in our home as our pets. They receive ample amounts of love, affection and cuddle time. (They have also been known to sneak into the catnip when Mom's away!) Kittens for sale from these lovely beauties are shown on our "Kittens" page.

All of our cats are tested and clear for PKD / HCM and blood group incompatibility

Cats listed below are NOT FOR SALE:

Isabeau Aisling of Serendipity ("Beau")

Born and bred here at Serendipity, Isabeau is a rare Golden Classic with White. Her has a pedigree filled full of Champion or better bloodlines.

Bella Bonita

Gorgeous solid black Siberian with white locket

Bella Bonita of Serendipity

Gorgeous solid black Siberian with white locket

Ornella Sibirskaya Rapsodiya ("Harley")

Beautiful Black Tortie Siberian cat imported directly from Siberian Rhapsody in Moscow, Russia. Harley's pedigree is full of champions including an Inter Champion father and Champion mother.

Praskovya Sibirskya Rapsodiya ("Freya")

Solid red beauty with deep color, pedigree full of Champion, Grand Ch., Int. Ch. bloodlines

Izabela Vanilla Sky ("Sorcha")

This beauty waited a long time to get to us. It was very difficult getting imports at the height of the pandemic.

Gidion Mur Amur

This guy is the biggest lover! So sweet and affectionate he will smother you with love!

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