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Products We Recommend

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Items to get prior to bringing your baby home:

Highly Recommended:




Feeding Aids:

Cats need lots of water, especially male cats. Fountains encourage cats to drink more. Be sure to purchase a fountain that is stainless steel or ceramic. NOT PLASTIC!

Whisker Fatigue - It's a thing! Get your kittens a food dish that won't hurt his whiskers.


Cat Trees:

A good quality cat tree is important. Not only does it give your furry friend a place to scratch, it also give your kitty vertical height they crave. (Hint: Spray the sisal rope w/ catnip spray once a week. Rub your kitties paws against the rope to release the catnip essence. Cats will associate scratching on the cat tree as a pleasurable response and scatch the rope instead of your furniture.

Cat Beds:

Refined Feline:

We love the Refined Feline line of cat furniture. Though a bit on the spendy side, their furniture is built to last.

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